Nastassja, better known as lovefromleblon thanks to her social networks, is a growing influencer who shows her lifestyle from the point of view of motherhood. Here you have the opportunity to get to know her better!

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Nastasjja is Brazilian but currently lives in London with her son Ezra under the motto "slow living". This year has been especially complicated for her. After a separation, moving to another country, healing from toxic experiencies, single-parenting, settling and generally “working things out”, she says she is actively working on slowing down, trying to spend at least 5 minutes a day doing something just for her with no distractions.

She also explains that "one aspect of slow living for me is to make ethically conscious choices when it comes to the clothes we wear. I always try to buy from ethical brands".

She works as a digital copywriter and content creator, where she uses her passion for fashion and motherhood to transmit values such as sustainability and environmental care.  

She explains that for half a year she has been trying to change her way of thinking and focus her attention on turning the wheel (even if ever so slightly) in healing the earth. She promotes the purchase of second-hand items, and fashion lines that focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

Her goal is to encourage "creating a positive and inclusing lifestyle while caring for our planet".

You can check Nastassja´s work in her instagram profile: @lovefromleblon